Dropping In to Your Event

We can also bring down a non-skydiver with us – a celebrity, CEO or surprise guest can be a passenger attached to one of our experienced tandem skydive masters. No prior experience on the part of the passenger is required.

Wild Blue Entertainment provides exhilarating entertainment in the form exhibition skydives

There is no better way to grab the attention of you guests!

Skydiving Shows - Entertainment from the Wild Blue

Where We Can Perform

We need a minimum space of 100’ x 200’. Any athletic field, golf course or beach provides an ideal setting. Most resorts and some private homes can also be suitable. Send us an address and we can give quickly tell you if the site is suitable for an exhibition skydive.


There are many ways to brand a demonstration skydive so as to receive maximum return on investment. Banners or flags can be flown by one of our skydivers. Smoke patterns can be drawn in the sky. Parachutes and outfits can be custom designed to support a brand message.